2020 Vision – Clubhouse Edition


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Title: 2020 Vision
Artist: Sophie Brussaux
Location: Toronto, Canada
Painted: Audrey Hepburn
NFT Collection Series: Clubhouse
NFT Type: Fully Aged
NFT Size: 4000 Pixels
Physical Painting Size: 4 x 4 feet
Quantity: 1 NFTs
Year: 2020




The 20/20 vision as we were all going through the pandemic and was such a dull and grey world and that I actually wanted to add some fun and colorful elements to it. Even wearing a mask was still your own fabulous self. This is a mixed media piece I used acrylic paint, spray paint, oil paint, and resin, to make all the shiny parts. This NFT is a Fully Aged and the Clubhouse Edition of the collection.

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2020 Vision - Clubhouse Edition